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What are the 3 types of waste?

Many different types of waste are generated, including municipal solid waste, agricultural and animal waste, medical waste, radioactive waste, hazardous waste, industrial non-hazardous waste, construction and demolition debris, extraction and mining waste, oil and gas production waste, fossil fuel combustion waste, and ...

Wastes | EPA's Report on the Environment (ROE) | US EPA

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What does waste come from?

Waste comes from most things we do. The food and drinks we consume, the transport we use, the stuff we buy – everything has waste as a part of its production. Waste is the left over bits that are not a part of the final product we buy or use.

Waste - Cool Australia

www.coolaustralia.org > waste-secondary

What are the 4 types of waste?

For the purposes of this review these sources are defined as giving rise to four major categories of waste: municipal solid waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste and hazardous waste.


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How is waste used?

The wastes we are producing every day can be turned into something good. Such as electricity, heat or fuel. The solid wastes can be converted into gas to produce energy. We can generate electricity by burning solid waste found in the landfills.

Types of Waste That Can Be Turned Into Energy | Green Journal

www.greenjournal.co.uk > 2017/09 > types-of-waste-that-can-be-turned-int...

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