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[Megathread] No Joke - It's Time For Another Free Line: tmobile

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Apr 1, 2021 · Customers on an eligible plan (list below) with 2 or more paid voice lines can add another voice line for free via monthly bill credits.


Reminder: Get your free line before it's gone!: tmobile - Reddit

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Existing customers on most T-Mobile Magenta, Essentials, One, and even Simple Choice plans with 2 or more lines can get a free line just for asking.


Is T-Mobile going to offer free lines forever?: tmobile - Reddit

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16 votes, 53 comments. I want to remove paid lines on my plan before I add a free line. The last free line I added was in December 2020 so I have to …


What's the deal with the free lines?: tmobile - Reddit

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Like i get it yeah if you needed the extra phone line for family that would ... I have 5 pair of free pants and 2 pair that I paid for on my T-Mobile plan.


It's time for another FREE LINE! Starting 11/25 existing accounts can ...

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It seems T-Mobile removed some SOCs before the deal went live. An updated SOC list is below. Starting tomorrow, 11/25, existing customers with 2 paid lines or ...


Free Voice Line starting 3/17/21: tmobile - Reddit

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24 votes, 25 comments. For a limited time in all markets, new and existing customers can get a free voice line via monthly bill credits when they …


3rd line for free is back August 2nd!!!: tmobile - Reddit

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148 votes, 195 comments. 109k members in the tmobile community. Welcome to the subreddit of the best wireless carrier in the industry! T-Mobile is …


2021 Line P4 Starts July 24th - 50% Off New Lines: tmobile - Reddit

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The 50% off lines are stackable with phone promos, including free phone w/aal promos like the OnePlus Nord N200 5G.


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Free Line On Us: tmobile - Reddit

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Sep 21, 2020 · How do you become aware of free line promos short of getting on the T-Mobile Reddit all the time? I missed the promo in July but just ...


Is the new free line promo right now ?: tmobile - Reddit

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Feb 10, 2021 · Limitations 1 free voice line maximum per account. ... Can be combined with T-Mobile Perks. Lines cancelled within the past 90 days must ...


Today is the final day to get the latest free line!: tmobile - Reddit

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75 votes, 218 comments. Today (December 3rd) is the last day the free line will be available. The Pixel 4a 5G "On Us" offer (where the phone is free …


So this is how they get rid of the free lines...: tmobile - Reddit

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The last several promos, such as the free Samsung U21 upgrades and now the Apple TV promo are only available to Magenta subsribers, as TMO starts to leave the ...


T-Mobile refuses to honor my free lines: tmobile - Reddit

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Everything with my billing was fine for a while. But the last two months, T-Mobile has just refused to correct my bill. Three of my free line offers dropped off ...


50% off line now or wait for another free?: tmobile - Reddit

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Since T-Mobile has been rolling out free 5g phones, and the recent 50% off, don't really see free lines coming back for a while.


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T-Mobile is giving away thousands of free lines, but there's ... - Reddit

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T-Mobile specifically addressed free lines during their Q1 earnings and Mike stated that free line additions are a very small percentage of the total new ...


Free Line. What's the catch?: tmobile - Reddit

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So I'm on the One plan with 2 lines. So I can add another line for Free? What's the catch? Will I be charged taxes/fees on the new line?


Issues with This One's On Us Free Line Promotion coming over from ...

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I have escalated with Executive T-Force, Office of the President (or whatever the official T-Mobile equivalent is) by phone, and some regular Phone CS.


Free line for FREE free!: tmobile - Reddit

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Jul 4, 2020 · Btw my family is on the T-Mobile ONE plan with 3 lines (3rd line free), and now with a 4th line free. 21.


Check your account after adding the free line! Plan change ... - Reddit

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63 votes, 76 comments. 109k members in the tmobile community. Welcome to the subreddit of the best wireless carrier in the industry! T-Mobile is the …


T-Mobile's giving away ANOTHER free line to their customers!!: Sprint

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I'm a Sprint customer and I got a new iPhone 12 last week. T-Mobile did offer Paul Lujan a free line. I declined because I don't need another phone.


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