Torrentz Has Died, But It Won't Take Torrenting With It | WIRED

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Aug 5, 2016 · This week, Torrentz, the world's largest torrent search engine, ... Moreover, the Torrentz.eu domain still lives, though it now describes ...
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URL: https://www.wired.com/2016/08/torrentz-died-wont-take-torrenting/

Ron Moore Promises 'A Whole New Outlander' Next Season | WIRED

Updated: 34 mins ago
Nov 7, 2015 · (But Dos Santos did at least bring whiskey for the whole cast to drink on stage.) Heughan and Balfe are a dashing pair onscreen and off, ...

The Best Kindles to Take Your Library Anywhere - WIRED

Updated: 1 hour ago
Jun 17, 2021 · Frivolously Awesome. Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019, 10th Generation). There's no practical reason to buy a $270 ebook reader. (You ...

Amazon Prime Day | Latest News, Photos & Videos | WIRED

Updated: 2 hours ago
An illustration of arms holding gadgets with sales tags. Deals · Prime Day Has Ended, but These 40 Great Deals Remain. Author: Gear Team ...

Hotmail at Risk to Cookie Thieves | WIRED

Updated: 2 hours ago
Apr 26, 2002 · Once the perpetrator gains two key Hotmail cookies, there's no way ... After studying Hotmail's sign-on process, Glover concluded that the ...

Favorite coupons - WIRED

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Check our top deals and promo codes · 50% off next 2 purchases with DoorDash promo code · Oculus promo code: Extra 29% off VR games · GoPro promo code: 10% off all ...

How To Strip DRM from Kindle E-Books and Others | WIRED

Updated: 3 hours ago
Jan 17, 2011 · You love your Kindle, but you hate the DRM. What do you do? Well, if you like, we'll tell you how to strip the copy-protection from your ...

Decluttr coupons & promo codes for September 2021 - WIRED

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Rating 4.3 (6) Save big by purchasing pre-owned Wii Games, no Decluttr Coupon needed. ... Decluttr sells a great range of the latest tech and electronics.

The Emoji Is the Birth of a New Type of Language (? No Joke) | WIRED

Updated: 3 hours ago
Apr 19, 2016 · Tyler Schnoebelen has discovered something curious about why people use the skull emoji. Schnoebelen is a linguist and the chief analyst for ...

Torrent Search Engines Unlawful, U.S. Judge Says | WIRED

Updated: 3 hours ago
Dec 28, 2009 · pdf) to free movies, music, videogames and software. A contrary ruling likely would have sparked a gold rush of BitTorrent prospectors in the ...

How to Turn Off Your Mac's Annoying Call-Forwarding Feature

Updated: 3 hours ago
Oct 29, 2014 · For phone calls, on your iPhone go to Settings > FaceTime, and then toggle iPhone Cellular Calls to off. This will prevent your incoming calls ...

13 Great Tech Deals on TVs, Games, Apple Watch and more | WIRED

Updated: 4 hours ago
Nov 2, 2019 · The TV is compatible with voice control via Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa. ... To get the discount, clip the on-page coupon.

Meet Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Anyone Can Code | WIRED

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Mar 19, 2013 · Wikipedia has long offered simple tools that let tens of thousands ... Certainly, Lua isn't nearly as popular as JavaScript, but many of the ...

Moosejaw Coupons: 20% Off Promo Code | September 2021 - WIRED

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Rating 5.0 (21) Save 20% off with Moosejaw coupon code on outdoor and activewear, footwear, ... very reason they offer 20% off to all teachers with no promo code necessary.
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Former eBay Execs Allegedly Made Life Hell for Critics | WIRED

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Jun 15, 2020 · US attorneys have charged six former eBay workers in association with ... the company's senior director of safety and security at the time.

Twitch Has Become a Haven for Live Sports Piracy | WIRED

Updated: 4 hours ago
Jan 15, 2020 · Stream aggregation site FirstRow Sports lays out a buffet of illicit livestreams for games ranging from ice hockey to basketball and ...

New Minecraft Mod Teaches You Code as You Play | WIRED

Updated: 4 hours ago
Aug 18, 2014 · Like many nine-year-olds, Stanley Strum spends a lot of time building things in Minecraft, the immersive game that lets your create your own ...

The Asian Countries That Beat Covid-19 Have to Do It Again | WIRED

Updated: 5 hours ago
Apr 6, 2020 · Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan had flattened the curve. Then travelers from the US and Europe began reimporting the virus.

Now for AI's Latest Trick: Writing Computer Code | WIRED

Updated: 5 hours ago
Apr 23, 2021 · Now for AI's Latest Trick: Writing Computer Code ... user,” for example, and it will whip up a dozen or so lines in Python to do just that.

$1005 Off - Tempo Promo Code | September 2021 | WIRED

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