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What kind of houses did the Sami build?

A goahti is similar in shape to the lavvu but generally larger and more stable. It could be covered in wood, turf, or skins. The Forest Sami specialized in goahti and built wooden storehouses on stilts.

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What kind of habitat did the Sami live in?

Predictably, simpler societies are found in regions that are less desirable such as arid desserts, arctic barrens, or humid jungles whereas more permanent dwellings prevail in more temperate regions with more optimal conditions for agricultural cultivation.

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How tall are the tents of the Saami?

The lavvu is the most recognized type of Saami home. It was traditionally used by Mountain Saami families as they migrated with their reindeer. A typical tent stands around 20 feet tall and can hold six to eight people. They are similar to the tipi of North American Plains Indians and the chum of Northern Eurasian reindeer herders.

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