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Your code will be ARNM followed by your registration number (ex. ARNM123456). Products and Services. Entertainment tickets for every budget. Members save up to ...

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Redeem your perk. Find the perfect car for your next adventure. Enter your unique code upon checkout and get $35 off your trip.

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How do you get a Perkopolis discount?

Membership Perks: Savings with Perkopolis

1. Enter a personal email address, rather than a work one.

2. You'll then receive an activation link via email.

3. Enter a member ID (university prefix + university employee #, ex. UW123456 or UM123456 or SAC123456). ...

4. Search away and access the savings.

Membership Perks: Savings with Perkopolis - Association of ... > membership-perks-savings-with-perkopolis

What is the member ID code for Perkopolis?

To sign up for Perkopolis Hotels, go to the Perkopolis Hotels site to create a profile using your corporate email address. Be sure to use Member ID Code IN17HOTEL. You'll then receive an email to activate your membership.

Shopping | Intuit Benefits (Canada) > financial-well-being > discounts > shopping

How do I find my Perkopolis member ID?

Your membership ID number can be found by logging into your profile, clicking Manage Profile and then Edit Bio (it'll be at the top of the page). How to Register: Go to and click 'Register' in the top right corner. To access all perks, you must register using a valid email address.

Get Perks! - CPHR Manitoba > page > Perkopolis

How do I join Perkopolis?

HOW TO REGISTER? To access all perks you must register by using a valid email address. You will receive an email to activate your registration. Enter the member ID provided to you by your organization.


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