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Is InvisibleHand safe?

How secure is InvisibleHand? InvisibleHand has passed Mozilla's strenuous vetting process which ensures that it's safe to use and does not present security issues. It has also been certified 100% clean by Softpedia. It's also a Featured Extension for Google Chrome and a 2010 Webby Award Honoree.

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What is InvisibleHand extension?

InvisibleHand by InvisibleHand Automatically get the lowest price when you shop online or search for flights. InvisibleHand shows a discreet notification when a better price is available on a product or flight you're shopping for. Covers over 580 retailers in the US, UK & Germany.

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What is InvisibleHand in Google?

InvisibleHand shows a discreet notification when there are lower prices available on the product, flight, hotel or rental car you're shopping for. ... InvisibleHand will discreetly notify you when the product you're browsing can be bought for less elsewhere. It also works with Google Search and Instant.

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