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Do I get Headspace free with Spotify?

Students get Headspace free with Spotify Premium.

Students get Headspace free with Spotify Premium.

www.spotify.com > headspace > student

Can I get Headspace with Spotify duo?

Yes. If you're currently subscribed with Spotify, you will need to purchase the bundle on your current subscription. Please visit: www.spotify.com/headspace/.

Can I purchase the bundled subscription with Headspace if I ...

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How do I bundle Spotify with Headspace?

If you access Headspace using an email/password combination: Visit: https://www.headspace.com/spotify/bundle. Click/tap "Log In To Headspace" From the pop up that appears, enter your email address and password.

How do I apply the bundled subscription to my ... - Headspace

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Did Spotify buy Headspace?

Is Headspace part of Spotify Premium? Headspace and Spotify are separate apps. You'll get a subscription to Spotify Premium, plus a subscription to the full Headspace app.

Spotify Premium + Headspace - Spotify (UK)

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