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Does custom ink do individual shipping?

Individual Shipping This option is perfect for organizers with supporters spread throughout the country and the world! Each individual supporter will be able to place their order and have the shirts shipped directly to their address for a small shipping fee charged to the supporter at checkout.

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Is Custom Ink Design free?

It's completely free to launch and run a Custom Ink Fundraising page! Each individual page will have its own unique fundraising potential and print minimum, which is the number of items you'll need to sell to cover the order cost and start raising funds for your cause.

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How fast is custom ink shipping?

Standard delivery is guaranteed to arrive at your door within 14 days and is available for most products.

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Does custom ink have a student discount?

Student Discount: Custom Ink doesn't have a special discount for students, schools, or teachers, but does have hundreds of high quality graphics and templates to help you make awesome t-shirts for your school!

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