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What is a pop-up promotion?

In addition to delivering important messages to your website visitors, your promotion pop-ups also help you redirect visitors to new pages where you want them to do something. For example, you might want to use a shopping deals pop-up to send them to your sales page to buy a product.

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How do I add a pop-up coupon on Shopify?

Add your Shopify discount coupon code to your exit intent pop-up.

1. In the Abandoned Cart Recovery app, click on the Exit Intent Pop-up tab.

2. Click on the Customize Exit Pop-up tab.

3. On the Customize Exit Pop-up page, scroll down to Exit Pop-up Offer.

4. Enter your Shopify coupon code in the box under Shopify Discount Code field.

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How do I add a coupon to my website?

Enabling the coupon feature on your website

1. Step 1: Open the WooCommerce settings.

2. Step 2: Enable use of coupons.

3. Step 1: Open the coupons page.

4. Step 2: Start creating a new coupon.

5. Step 3: Enter the coupon code.

6. Step 4: Select the discount type.

7. Setting the minimum amount to avail the discount.

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How do I show coupons on WordPress?

How to Create a Coupon Popup in WordPress (Step by Step)

1. Why Should You Offer Visitors a Coupon? ...

2. Now you are all set to create your first coupon popup campaign. ...

3. Next, you'll need to choose a campaign type. ...

4. On the next screen, you will be asked to select a template. ...

5. Next, click on the template and select Use Template.

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